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Mental health resources for teens and young adults supporting the transition to adulthood.

Mental Health Adulting Handbook

The Mental Health Adulting Handbook is a reference guide for youth who are transitioning into adulthood. This transition comes with a lot of new responsibilities and challenges, which can be overwhelming and contribute to negative mental health. The purpose of the Mental Health Adulting Handbook is to cultivate greater access to holistic resources for individuals transitioning to Young Adulthood, including identity, navigating insurance, relationships, and both physical and mental health. This manual, developed by Education Coordinator Keegan Rhynas, can be used as a reference for many mental health topics but is not advice. Please contact the appropriate provider if you are struggling with a mental illness. 

If your school or organization would like a training to utilize the Mental Health Adulting Handbook, please contact Keegan at or call (920) 458-3951 ext. 1004.


Transitioning into Adulthood: Supporting the Mental Health of Young Adults

In this webinar, MHA Lakeshore's Education Coordinator, Keegan Rhynas, talks about the environmental and social challenges that young adults face and how we can support individuals in this period of life. 


Breathing Mindfulness Practice

Use this 5 minute breathing mindfulness practice to reduce stress, bring yourself into the present moment, calm down, and create peace of mind and body. You can also visit a great website Mindfulness for Teens and the MHA Lakeshore YouTube playlist below for additional practices.