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Lemonade Widows Support Group


Varies - contact MHA for more information

Lemonade Widows Support Group

The loss of a spouse is one of the most challenging transitions of a woman’s life. Lemonade is a widow’s support group intended to provide a safe environment to share grief and discuss struggles we experience after loss. 

Join to share, listen, ask questions or simply be with other women who understand your feelings. You do not have to face it alone. This group is not only focused on grief but also on support and recovery through compassion and encouragement.

We need strong emotional connections where we can share openly and honestly. There are many challenges we face as we move through widowhood. It may be inconceivable to imagine a life where you are able to make “Lemonade” again. If we can recognize “Grief as a glass of sour and sweet”, then together we can help one another heal with hope and rebuild our lives

This group meets at various locations. Contact us for more information.


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