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Mental Health America Lakeshore is an affiliate of the nation's leading community-based nonprofit, MHA, dedicated to addressing the needs of those with mental illness.  Since 1953 our mental health resource agency has promoted mental wellness through education, prevention programming, advocacy, and resource referrals for care and recovery. 

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Join us for our upcoming event with The University of Green Bay on May 18th

Mind the Mind Symposium

Keynote:  Russell Lehmann
What began as an impassioned pursuit of spreading autism and mental health awareness around communities worldwide has grown into a multi-faceted effort to encourage all people to simply be their very bests. Russell has become one of the most sought-after speakers of his generation through his motivational and encouraging presentations. He is relentless in his craft and prioritizes the importance of connection whether in education, relationships, business, and everything in between. His speeches invite audience members to journey along as he illustrates through experience that life is truly what we make of it. Russell takes care to leave each group with thoughtful action items and tangible tools they can bring back into their own communities, schools, and businesses as they push on toward greatness.

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Upcoming Events
Create & Express: Sharpie Art for Youth

March 18th, 2023 | 10:30am-12:00pm

Join us for a fun and expressive art activity!

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Mind the Mind Symposium

May, 18th 2023; 8:30-3:30 (CST)

The focus of the conference will be the intersection of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and mental health with three session tracks: youth, business/workplace and health and human services professionals. We are looking for great speakers like you or someone you know to present.

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2023 High School Scholarship Application

Graduating high school seniors entering either college or technical school may apply.

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Challenging Cognitive Distortions

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Challenging Cognitive Distortions

Dana Bear, Director of Strategy & Partnerships

Have you ever found yourself automatically blaming yourself for things that went wrong, even when it had nothing to do with you? Or do you tend to focus only on the negative aspects of a situation, while ignoring the positives? Perhaps you often imagine the worst-case scenario, even when the likelihood of it happening is slim? If any of these sound familiar, you may be experiencing cognitive distortions.

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What is Happiness?

Dana Bear; Director of Strategy and Partnerships

How do you define happiness? Happiness means different things for different people. Learn to understand what contributes to your happiness. 

Mental Health America Lakeshore & UW-Green Bay Educate the Community on the Importance of Mental Health

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Mental Health America Lakeshore & UW-Green Bay Educate the Community on the Importance of Mental Health

Dana Bear, Director of Strategy and Partnerships

MHA Lakeshore & UW-GB hosts the first annual Mind the Mind Symposium at the Sheboygan Campus in May.